Bio: I'm a student, who really wants to pursue writing a book as a career opportunity someday. That'd be really cool. I also have a real longing to visit Japan. I've wanted to since I was nine, so it would be amazing for me. I'm learning the language and occasionally I might post something to do with Japan, but then again, maybe not. I, for some reason, have a very contrasting personality. I am outgoing normally, but I have my introverted days. I am, as my friends would put it, "cocky", but I'm incredibly insecure about some things. I am funny and sarcastic, but I'm able to debate with my friends about serious topics. Last thing on personality: my writing reflects how I feel about the subject. As this is the internet, you know, I am merely a voice inside your head that you're reading. So, a few things about my looks. I'm leaning towards the taller side of the scale, I'm slightly overweight, I'm tan, I have chocolate eyes and naturally ombre hair. Yup. That's me. So now, I'll leave you. Goodbye. 🙂

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