Daily Prompt: Six of One

Growing weary in mind and body.

Growing old. That’s all us humans can be sure about, and we may not even be sure about that for much longer–a hundred years from now we could develop a longevity pill (as from The Declaration) or realise that cryogenic freezing works, and freeze ourselves while transferring our mind to that of a young corpse. (I might actually use that in a book. Don’t take it.) The only thing really solidly accountable in this day and age is death. Death from sickness, old-age or falling pianos. Either or, we will die someday, and at the moment, that’s the only thing that I can solidly see in my future. I don’t think anyone can claim otherwise, saying that they have a great future as the next J.K. Rowling, when they haven’t reached her level yet. Who knows? Perhaps they will. Or maybe they’ll go bankrupt and starve on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s impossible to tell and therefore, not worth the look. But you know, glimpsing into our opportunities could be invaluable, so never give up. Whether you are 18, or 80, you always have a future. Unless you’re dead of course. Er… that was kind of a morbid ending. Apologies, and goodbye for now.



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